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TWINS ARE IN! PERFECT FOR HANDWASHING. There's double trouble in the WOWW Zero Waste Soap Shop with the arrival of The Barista and Greenie Bar Twins. Why twins? Twin bars are twice the fun! Give one to a friend or keep both for yourself: one for the shower and one for hand washing. These bars are handmade by me in Sydney, small batch and all-natural. The two bars are the same total size of the original WOWW bars (100g), only split in two. The result is you can have that new bar feeling for longer. The Greenie Twins with Australian Olive Green Clay are a great choice for little hands. Kids love lathering them up and the fresh smell of Lemon Myrtle essential oil makes them want to wash their hands more often – it's a double bonus during these times of copious handwashing! The Greenie bars are super moisturising, too, with beautiful nourishing plant oils and no synthetic detergents or fragrances. The Barista Twins with Upcycled Coffee, Cinnamon & Honey are the mini scrub bar of your dreams. Perfect for the shower, they're tough enough to give your skin a real polish without stripping away the moisture. Recommended for use twice weekly on the body, they last for ages. The Barista also makes for an invigorating exfoliating hand soap. Great for removing dirt and grease or for people who just want a very thorough clean without chemicals. TWINS ARE AVAILABLE NOW IN THE ZERO WASTE SOAP SHOP – LINK IN MY BIO – Beauty Bar Twins are also available! #waronwasteweekly #woww #wowwzerowastesoap #wowwtwins #handmadesoap #zerowaste #zerowasteaustralia #zerowasteliving #washyourhands #soap #handsoap #handwashing #ecosoap #allnatural

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